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10 of the Best Free Google Sheets Templates for 2022

Shaun M Jooste


When you need to create a spreadsheet fit for a specific purpose and don’t have the time to set it up, you can rely on templates for Google Sheets. They contain formulas and themes for different categories, which means you’ll be able to create sheets in less time and with less fuss. 

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Today we’re presenting 10 of the best free Google Sheets templates for any type of business or industry. We’ve covered several categories that are suitable for companies of any size, while freelancers will also find them useful. Save time so you can focus on your core work.

10 of the Best Free Google Sheets Templates for 2022

Why you should use Google Sheets templates

Besides the fact that many of them are free, there are many uses for Google Sheets templates. You can also collaborate with your team members or clients on the same documents, providing a more efficient and productive way of working. Most of the templates have everything you need for your task, but there’s an intuitive way to add more functions if needed.

The best benefit is that you’ll save data on the Google server, but you can also download sheets to your PC or company’s network storage. It keeps your data safe, as long as you save a master copy that no one else has access to.

Where to obtain templates for Google Sheets

There are three ways you can get free templates for Google Sheets. The first and most practical way is to open the app on your browser and look at the built-in templates. Secondly, you can install Chrome or Google Sheet add-ons that have templates included. Finally, there are many online service providers or content creators that provide them for free for different categories.

Top 10 Google Sheets templates


If you’re a small business or a freelance worker that needs to provide an invoice for payment, have a look at the free Invoices Google Sheets template. It presents the fields you’ll need for your customers, and you can change any of them to suit your needs. Feel free to alter the theme to match your brand to make it more authentic. It even includes formulas to make calculations easier.

Best Free Google Sheets Templates

Financial Statements

Every company needs to create financial statements where income and expenses are part of the daily business. Instead of wasting hours, maybe days, creating one from scratch, you can use the Google Sheets template, Financial Statements. As you update the transactions, formulas will update the other tabs so you end up with detailed Profit & Loss and Balance statements. The template even offers guidance for improving the interactive process.

Expense Report

If you want to manage your finances more effectively, you’ll need to create a detailed Expense Report. This Google Sheets template is ideal for when the company regularly spends money on business transactions, but it’s challenging to keep track of them. You can make a tab for the company as a whole or per employee, depending on your requirements. 

Website Traffic Dashboard

Moving on from financial Google Sheets templates, let’s look at a better way to analyze your website traffic. All that data can be confusing at times, especially when you need to organize them into charts and graphs. Website Traffic Dashboard has it all laid out already, and you can also synchronize it with the Supermetrics add-on for Google sheets. In this way, you can pull through all your PPC and other traffic data into a report you can customize.

CRM on Google Sheets

Massive companies rely on expensive CRM platforms to help manage customers, sales, and leads more effectively. In some cases, they also use it to keep track of employee activities. Smaller companies don’t have the type of budget for these systems. That’s where this free CRM Google Sheets template comes in handy. It sets the foundation for entering basic detail, but you can customize it to suit your business.

Sales Dashboard

As important as it is to measure expenses, so too will you need to check on your monthly sales and leads. The Sales Dashboard generates charts and graphs from your date, making sure you can effectively track and measure the company’s financial performance. If you’re a bit stuck on how to use it, there’s a detailed instructions tab with guidance on what to do.

Project Timeline

The best project management tools are not free. You’ll need to pay substantial amounts, sometimes as subscriptions, just to use them for your business. Project Timeline for Google Sheets is a free template that lets you set tasks and adjust the Gantt Chart on the side. You’ll need to modify many of the details yourself, and it’s not linked to other resource tabs. It’s excellent if you’re starting out and only need a simple project timeline, though.

Gantt Chart Template

If the above Google Sheets template doesn’t have enough elements for your massive project, try the Gantt Chart template. You’ll have more control over start and end times with duration included. You can also set who the task or project owners are that you’ve assigned per line. It’s a more detailed sheet that helps you deliver the tasks before the deadlines.

Event Marketing Timeline

Beginners may think it’s easy managing an event campaign and setting up timelines and tasks until they actually begin to do so. There are so many factors involved, and you may waste precious time trying to create your own sheet. The Event Marketing Timeline template for Google Sheets has several rows and columns prepared for you. All you need to do is insert the event and PR details, but pay attention to the Smartsheet Tips at the top for advice.

Weekly Timesheet

We’ll end with an HR Google Sheet template for employees and subcontractors. Weekly Timesheet is useful when you want to monitor how much time someone spends on a project to ensure they’re being efficient and productive. When you’re paying for these services per hour, it helps to cut down costs where you see time wasted on specific projects.

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