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Google Sheets for Chrome

Google Sheets for Chrome brings Google’s outstanding productivity tool straight into the convenience of a Google Chrome Extension. Goodbye signing into Gmail, opening the apps tab, scrolling through to Sheets - hello one click spreadsheet creation. For those new to Google Sheets, Google Sheets for Chrome is the perfect way to get on board. It is an amazing way to do almost everything you might use other open source or proprietary data tools for, but all for free and in-browser.

What does Google Sheets for Chrome do?

It’s hard to talk about Google Sheets without mentioning it’s more high-powered inspiration, Microsoft Excel. In fact, most people have heard of an ‘excel doc’ even if they have no idea about spreadsheets and data manipulation and presentation. However, what Google Sheets did was essentially take the basic features of Excel and put them into a web-based product. Over time, more and more of the features you’d expect from a high-end desktop programme have been incorporated into Google Sheets. And, as this is Google, you should expect more and more features being added over time, all for free.

Are there any limitations?

there are many thing Google Sheets for Chrome cannot do compared to other programmes. But, don't forget, 1) this is free, those are not, 2) you are accessing this via your browser, so there's only so much you can expect and 3) 99% of features 99% of casual users want are all here, it's only the hardened processional who will need more and, therefore, will probably use a paid for programme anyway.


  • Free
  • Feature rich


  • Lacks features of rivals
  • Requires a good internet connection and PC
  • which other more basic options out there do not

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Google Sheets for Chrome


Google Sheets for Chrome 1.2 for PC

User reviews about Google Sheets for Chrome

  • Samiul Islam

    by Samiul Islam

    its really awesome if you are a proiductive thinker.very very good for huge records.

  • Victoria Franco

    by Victoria Franco

    Google Sheets for Chrome is a must have for every students and professionals because this productivity tool is a good alternative for MMore

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